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Cithway™ Anti-Theft Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker

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Cithway™ Anti-Theft Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker

Keep your vehicle on radar at all times with this anti-theft mini magnetic GPS tracker!

This anti-theft tracking tool adopts an advanced GPS feature that can deliver real-time location and movements of the car you're tracking. It offers astonishing precision and lightning fast, stable monitoring with limitless worldwide tracing range. The smart device has an automatic recording feature that collects clear audio that you can playback anytime for better information or proofs. Allowing you to effortlessly keep tabs of your vehicle or even for ensuring the safety of loved ones, pets, business assets, valuables, and even providing roadside assistance. No worries as it provides a jet black and ultra-mini size that can be placed on any nook and crannies without being seen.   

The mini GPS tracker supports a built-in magnetism that can securely hold on any magnetic or metal surface. Allowing it to be placed discreetly on your car panels or other areas without falling off even on uneven roads or during swift turns and hard brakes. Furthermore, this powerful tracker can be even used for bicycle, motorcycle, bags, pet collars, luggages, pouches, and such. It also has a long-lasting battery capacity that can smoothly alert and provides excellent performance for several days without charging. Eliminating the risk of disturbances due to battery running out or completely getting cut off during live tracking.     

Easily track the live location of your car or valuables with great precision using this anti-theft mini magnetic GPS tracker!


  • Strong Magnetic Hold
    The smart GPS tracker tool has an inbuilt powerful magnetism that can securely hold onto any metal surface, such as ar panels, car seat bottom, bicycle, motorcycle, bags, pet collars, luggages, pouches, and more possibilities. It supports an easier and direct no-tool installation without the worries of it falling off even on rough roads and swift turns. This magnetic tracker also boasts an amazing temperature resistance that can be exposed to moisture, humidity, and different car conditions without loosening grip.

  • Precise Real-Time GPS Tracking
    An expert-designed tool that determines real-time information of the exact location and subsequent movements of the vehicle’s you're currently tracking. It uses an advanced GPS (global positioning system) tracking which entails a network of 24 satellites in orbit with astonishing precision. Providing you a much better and lightning fast monitoring and locating performance with limitless worldwide tracing range. Perfect even when you're tracking on the farthest side of the world, an abandoned area, environment, and such, Making it an excellent device for keeping tabs on your car at all times even when you left it in a remote area. What’s more? You can even use it for peace of mind and ensures safety of loved ones, pets, business assets, returning already stolen items, as well as providing roadside assistance for emergencies.  

  • Automatic Recording
    This anti-theft tracker adopts an innovative record feature that automatically starts recording when the sound around the locator is greater than 30 decibels. Transmitting it back to the user’s device together with the other data collected like the location and car movements. Thus, delivering you a clear and detailed real-time audio/sound that you can freely use for concrete proof or for added information/clues. No worries as it also offers playback capability so you can also track previous time, speed, location, recording, and other data.   
  • Smart Discreet Design
    The GPS tracker device comes in a mini, compact sizing with a discreet black color for maximum concealment. It can be placed seamlessly to your car’s nooks and crannies while remaining invisible to the eyes. It also does not emit any sound or strong vibration alerts to ensure that it will go undetected all throughout. The ideal tracking device to enable you to locate missing or stolen vehicles and valuables without the need to trail them around by self at all times.  

  • Long-Lasting Battery 
    This mini vehicle tracker supplies a rechargeable battery with the capacity of 500mAh that can last up to multiple days without running out. Allowing you to track smoothly with high-performance removal alert, vibration alert, over-speed alert, gap-fence alert, etc. with not a single disturbance or getting cut-off. Simply insert a working sim onto the GPS tracker, download the app, connect it to your mobile, position the tracker, and you're now all set.  


  • Style: Non-Magnetic GPS Tracker, Magnetic GPS Tracker
  • Color: Black 
  • Weight: 7g
  • Size: 38mm * 38mm * 7mm


  • 1 x Cithway™ Anti-Theft Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker

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