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Cithway™ Easy-press One-handed Ice Cube Maker

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Cithway™ Easy-press One-handed Ice Cube Maker

Easily chill and drop ice from your beverage with this one-handed easy press demolding ice maker!

A handy single-row ice tray that successfully creates 6 nicely shaped ice cubes all at once in a breeze. Featuring an easy-press handle that twists the tray to hygienically release the ice cubes straight to your drink without directly touching them. No worries as the mold provides a non-stick coating to ensure that you can demold anytime without ruining the cubes shape. What’s more? It boasts an air-tight sealing quality that keeps freshness in and prevents unwanted bubbling to achieve that perfect, crystal clear ice each time. This ice mold also eliminates the worries of messy spills and leakage, especially when transferring from sink to freezer. 

This easy-press ice maker mold is ideally light in the hands and is ergonomically designed to deliver secured gripping and better control. It has detachable parts that can be easily and deeply hand washed or dishwash anytime to avoid harmful bacterial buildups. Furthermore, the ice cube mold can stay steadily in place and fit inside even in a small freezer without taking up too much space. It also offers slow-melting cubes so you can freshen up and spruce drinks with no dilution to preserve their aroma and natural flavor. Making it the best ice cube maker to chill up lemonades, water, flavored drinks, sodas, juices, cocktails, beers, whiskeys, ice coffees, and more possibilities. 

Give your drink an immediate chill and refreshing sips using this one-handed easy press demolding ice maker! 


  • Perfect Ice Cube Molding
    An incredible single-row of ice tray that can create 6 pieces of perfectly cube shapes all at once effortlessly in a breeze. It supports a superior air-tight locking container that can seal in freshness and effectively freeze and mold your water much quicker than others with a purely clear finish. Preventing unwanted bubbling, cracking, and deformation due to air entering and pushing through the ice. Moreover, this ice maker offers a spill-proof design to avoid messy leakings and keep your cubes nicely shaped and well-size. Making it the best ice maker to cool up your beverages or even for sprucing up the taste of your cocktails! 

  • Easy Non-Contact Ice Release
    This high-performance ice mold adopts a smart handle feature that can be easily pressed to automatically twist the tray slightly and release the molded ice. Allowing you to put your ice cube all at once straight to your drink or anywhere you need without the need to touch the ice anymore for optimal hygiene. No worries as it has 100% non-stick coating quality that can smoothly unmold the cube in tip-top shape at all times. Furthermore, this ice mold also ensures that it can be operated one-handedly to free your other task like holding your drink.  

  • Ergonomic Design
    The easy-press ice release mold is super lightweight and it supports a non-slip body and handle. Providing you a secured and comfortable gripping with maximum maneuverability anytime even for those with wet and sweaty hands. This ice maker mold supplies a slim and compact size that can fit inside your freezer while still saving up more space for other items. It can also stay steady on the surface for that perfect ice cube freezing and avoid it from moving from one place to another. Furthermore, it has convenient detachable parts and non-stick quality that can be thoroughly hand washed or dishwash with so much ease. 

  • Wide Application
    This no-touch ice making mold is applicable not only for freezing water, but it can be also used for molding different liquids. Suitable for making ice, coffee ice cubes, juice ice cubes, chocolate ice cubes, milk cubes, and even for putting fruits, mint sprigs, fresh edible flowers and such. The finished ice molds also boast an impressive slow-melting effect that chills your drink without rapidly altering its temperature, diluting or ruining its natural taste. Great for freshening up your lemonades, water, sodas, juices, cocktails, beers, and other beverages.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade PC and PP plastic material with remarkable durability and rust-resistance. It promises to last for up to several years of everyday usage and washes without cracking, deforming, and damaging. This easy-press demolding ice maker can also come into direct contact with any food products without harmful toxic contamination. Additionally, it is completely odor-free so you can mold ice anytime with no funky smell transfers.   


  • Material: PC
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  • 1 x Cithway™ Easy-press Ice Cube Maker

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